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aluminum stackable dining chair for restaurant hotel

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Introducing our sleek Aluminum Stackable Dining Chair?a perfect blend of style and practicality for restaurants and hotels. Crafted with lightweight yet durable aluminum, its modern design effortlessly elevates any space. Stackable for easy storage, it promises both versatility and elegance, ensuring a comfortable and chic dining experience for patrons.

Aluminum frame 25x25x1.0
Seat and back: high density foam
Metal aluminum epoxy painted

Worldwide shipping
5 years warranty
Customization free

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The aluminum stackable dining chair is a sleek and versatile seating option designed for use in restaurants and hotels. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this chair seamlessly combines durability with a modern aesthetic.
Material: Constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, this dining chair ensures longevity and ease of handling. The material is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for restaurant.
Stackable Design: The chair features a space-saving stackable design, allowing for convenient storage when not in use
Contemporary Aesthetic: The chair boasts a contemporary and minimalist design, contributing to a stylish and modern ambiance in any dining space. Its clean lines and smooth finish enhance the overall visual appeal, complementing various interior styles.
Comfortable Seating: Despite its sleek appearance, the chair prioritizes comfort. The ergonomically designed seat and backrest ensure a comfortable dining experience for guests.
can customize wide range of color choices or finishes
the aluminum stackable dining chair is a sophisticated and practical choice for restaurants and hotels, offering a blend of durability, style, and functionality. Its stackable design, contemporary aesthetic, and ease of maintenance make it an excellent investment for businesses aiming to create an inviting and efficient dining environment.

Dimensions 45 cm


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