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Comfortable high elasticity and density foam sofa set

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This lounge sofa couch is versatile and can be used in various office settings, from waiting areas to executive offices or collaborative spaces.

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We have a Comfortable high-elasticity and density foam sofa set, engineered using sturdy materials to ensure durability. It is cost-efficient and available in trendy designs. It can give you extreme comfort for long sitting hours and makes your space look stylish.
Benefits of Comfortable high elasticity and density foam sofa set
Robust construction, soft and high-quality upholstery make it a worthy investment of resources and time. Other benefits associated with it are as follows:
? Quality-tested materials used that make it a safe choice
? Unmatched comfort in sophisticated designs
? Durability and versatility in smooth finishing
? Easy to clean and maintain in the long run
? Available in 184*81*82 size
Our precision in its making
Our Comfortable high elasticity and density foam sofa set offers a wide range of designs in superior quality and excellent functionality. Some of the finest materials used in its precise construction are listed below.
? Stainless steel frame with three polishing processes
? High-density rebound sponge ranging from 40kg / m3 in seat cushions
? Highly comfortable backrest with the finest sponge ranging from 30kg / m3
? 100% quality-assured seats that offer no deformation for years
So, wait no longer, and invest in a comfortable high-elasticity and density foam sofa set that will provide a perfect combination of luxury, strength and ultimate comfort. Your unique choice of sofa set can make your space look attractive and cosy.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 184 cm


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