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Cream-coloured fluffy three-seater cushioned sofa

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Sink into plush, supportive cushions that provide exceptional comfort for relaxation or entertaining guests. The sofa’s ergonomic design ensures that you and your guests can enjoy hours of comfortable seating without discomfort.

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Our cream-coloured fluffy three-seater cushioned sofa is made to enhance the living space of your home. Your living room will be completely transformed by our fluffy two-seater cushioned sofa, a work of art that blends comfort and elegance. Our welcoming sofa has a sleek and elegant design and is made of premium fabric. The sofa is made using fluffy material to make it look amazing and offer a comfortable seating experience to the user. It is available in single seat and 2550*960*H700mm size.
This high-density foam sofa with genuine fabric underwent rigorous testing for diverse quality parameters. The strictest safety standards are met by our sofa, providing a secure and worry-free seating environment for all.
Due to the following main qualities, purchasing our cream-coloured fluffy single-seater cushioned sofa is never a waste of time or money:
1. The living room’s basic design guarantees a classic appearance that won’t age.
2. Your living room will feel more sophisticated thanks to its sleek silhouette, exquisite designs, and clean lines.
3. Simple rounded and curved lines offer a minimalist touch with ease.
4. Our designs effortlessly incorporate different styles.
5. Features that are fire resistant and easy to clean enhance longevity and safety.
Therefore, get our fluffy three-seater cushioned sofa with minimal design to give your living space a touch of elegance and exceptional comfort.

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 255 cm


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