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danish modern office genuine leather lounge leisure chair armchair design within reach


High density elastic foam>40kg/m3,20+years without deformation.
Preminum pu leather ,optional genuine leather and fabric;(Fire resistance SGS tested)
coated metal leg
Available for customization

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The genuine leather lounge leisure armchair we bring attracts several users as it brings ultimate comfort with a unique sense of elegance. Made of high-density elastic foam, the living room lounge accent chair will surely become your home’s highlight. Let your guests experience a positive vibe when they enter your living space. Our living room leisure lounge armchair is made of high-density elastic foam, which gives it a comfortable and sophisticated appearance.

Why invest in our living room leisure lounge accent chair?
• Easy makeover:
If you wish to give your living space an easy makeover, there can be no better way to do that than by buying the leather lounge leisure armchair. Let your abode be a perfect destination of comfort and luxury by investing in our living room leisure lounge accent chair.

• Safety kept intact:
One of the biggest reasons to bring home our living room leisure lounge chair is that it will take care of your safety as it is made of fire-resistant fabric and has attained SGS testing recognition. Furthermore, making a coated metal leg makes the chair highly durable and gives it a long life. So, if you are eyeing a sustainable piece of the lounge chair, look no further.

• Versatile appearance:
It is a myth that a leisure lounge accent chair can only be placed in a living room. You can always be creative with this comfortable chair and place it in a location that suits your comfort. So, bring home this incredible living room leisure lounge chair from the most trusted platform.

Dimensions 85 cm


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