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danish style eames lounge swan chair design within reach with Brushed Stainless Steel Base


High density elastic foam>40kg/m3,20+years without deformation.
moulded ABS plastic shell self developed, More
beautiful curve line than the original design;
A Swivel hided & fixed inside the ABS plastic shell, With the
function of height adjustment;
Available uphoslteried in Leather,International fire resistatnce standard Bonded leather and Fabric
Available for customization

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Introducing the Danish Style Eames Lounge Swan Chair, a stunning furniture piece that effortlessly combines comfort, style, and durability. This chair is meticulously crafted with high-density elastic foam, ensuring its resilience and shape retention over many years. The self-developed molded ABS plastic shell adds a touch of elegance with its beautifully curved lines, surpassing the original design. The chair also features a hidden swivel mechanism within the ABS plastic shell and height adjustment functionality.

Available in leather, bonded leather, or fabric upholstery, the Danish Style Eames Lounge Swan Chair offers versatility to suit your preferences. The leather upholstery exudes luxury and indulgence, while the bonded leather option provides a more affordable yet comfortable choice. The fabric upholstery is an excellent selection for a casual and relaxed look.

Beyond its remarkable aesthetics, the Danish Style Eames Lounge Swan Chair is a practical addition to any home or office. Its stylish design matches its exceptional comfort, ensuring a pleasant seating experience for years.

Additional details about the Danish Style Eames Lounge Swan Chair include:
• It is constructed with premium materials, including high-density elastic foam, a molded ABS plastic shell, and a sturdy metal base.
• Available in a variety of colors, allowing you to select the perfect shade to complement your décor.
• Easy assembly and disassembly for convenient mobility within your home or office.
• Backed by a warranty, providing you with confidence in your investment.
If you seek a chair that embodies style, comfort, and longevity, look no further than the Danish Style Eames Lounge Swan Chair. Elevate your space by ordering yours today!

Dimensions 75 cm


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