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Domino sofa set

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In summary, this contemporary design stainless frame luxury PU leather reception sofa combines aesthetics, durability, and customization options while providing a long years warranty, making it an ideal choice for creating an inviting and stylish reception area.

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We have a wide range of high-quality Domino sofa that is designed to function and maintain structural and aesthetic balance in your space. It has soft and sleek soft inner lines and geometric outer lines that enhance a modern look.
1. Our Domino sofa has an adaptable system to create wide and comfortable space, as high back and flat back both are available in it.
2. It has appropriate padded cushioning, to support good posture, comfort, and relief from back pain.
3. We have a sculptural design that goes beautifully with modern architecture.
4. A combination of elasticity foam in different densities, and feather-filled pockets on the top of the seat and cushions result in, a maximum comfort seating experience.
5. Our Domino sofa is SGS-tested and fire-resistant to make it a safe choice.
6. It is available in 185*76*73 size.
In our Domino sofa, the finest and dried raw materials are used during production. The improved technical strength includes materials such as:
1. High-density foam and silk foam filling.
2. Stainless steel tapered legs for a sturdy structure.
3. Soft and 100% genuine fabric and leather soft upholstery.
4. Solid wood and 25*25 mm stainless steel frame with three polishing processes.
5. Elastic webbing to prevent sagging.
6. PU leather, genuine leather and 100% polyester upholstery
Order now from our wide range of Domino sofas that will lure you into enjoying a luxurious seating experience. It will give you creative control, over your space to customize it in a more stylish look.

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 185 cm


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