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fiberglass shell kaddur lounge swivel fiberglass chair design within reach


fiberglass structure
High density elastic foam>40kg/m3,20+years without deformation.
fire resistance fabric optional leather,Fire resistance SGS tested in variety colors and types.
stainless steel feet
Available for customization

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Are you looking for a creative lounge chair with a modern design and the utmost comfort? If yes, then Being Unique Furniture brings you a Kaddur Lounge Swivel Fiberglass Chair, a massive masterpiece of design and ultimate comfort. You will be happy to know that the chair is a perfect combination of sleek aesthetics and hence offers excellent functionality, making it a beautiful addition to any contemporary space.

Why is our Kaddur Lounge Swivel Fiberglass Chair a must-have seating option?
• The Kaddur Lounge Swivel Fiberglass Chair is made using a sturdy fiberglass shell, and hence it boasts exceptional durability and strength. Using a fiberglass structure promises great longevity and allows the chair the ultimate power to withstand usage of all kinds. In addition, being reinforced with high-density elastic foam with a density of over 40kg/m3, the lounge chair brings unparalleled support and ultimate comfort. Hence, by investing in this beautiful creation, you can remain stress-free as the chair will maintain its shape while providing an optimal seating experience without leaving any chances of deformation.
• Special attention is paid to the safety aspect in the design of this Kaddur Lounge Chair, and it is made using a fire-resistant fabric that is tested and approved by SGS. So, no matter where you decide to place the chair, it will always keep you stress-free due to its excellent fire resistance guarantee. In addition to being a visually striking lounge chair, the chair features sleek stainless-steel feet that add a touch of elegance and modernity to the entire design. The swivel feature allows users to enjoy an effortless 360-degree rotation facility that guarantees the freedom to change one’s perspective and feel comfortable engaging in conversations from any desired angle.

Dimensions 100 cm


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