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high back executive boss PU leather swivel office chair

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Work in ultimate luxury with our premium leather office chair. Its ergonomic design pampers you with comfort, while the elegant leather upholstery exudes class. Elevate your work ethos

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We bring the most comfortable lounge chair, the high-back executive boss PU leather swivel office chair, which epitomizes elegance and comfort. The chair is carefully designed to keep the user relaxed and super productive for the entire day. Hence, it is guaranteed that acquiring this chair can enhance productivity throughout your workday. So, wait for longer to elevate the office furniture by bringing in this sophisticated manager chair, which showcases a valid combination of style and functionality.

Why buy our high-back executive boss PU leather swivel office chair?
? The chair is a must-have furniture piece for every workplace, and the same is crafted with precise attention to detail. Furthermore, the high-back executive chair showcases a unique aura of elegance, which makes the chair a standout piece for any office environment. Moreover, the provider allows the buyers to choose from a wide variety of colors and materials choices. Hence a selection can be made to match an office decor and personal preference.
? The use of premium leather upholstery helps ensure excellent durability and easy maintenance, allowing one to focus ideally on the tasks without causing any distractions.
? Furthermore, the high-back executive boss PU leather swivel office chair has a 5-year warranty. Hence, the same can be unthinkingly trusted for quality and longevity, making it a wise investment for any workspace.
? Get set to experience unparalleled comfort as the same comes with a high-density resilience foam, which provides optimal support to the user?s back. The approximate back height of the chair is 110-120cm, and the seat height is 48-58cm, which offers a comfortable seating experience for people of all body types.

Weight 16.3 kg
Dimensions 66 cm


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