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Imported solid wood PU leather reception sofa

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Make a statement of sophistication with our customizable sofa set for businesses. Exquisite design, ultimate comfort, and high-quality materials combine to reflect your commitment to excellence.

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Our Imported Solid Wood PU Leather Reception Sofa is a luxurious and elegant seating option that will make any waiting room or office lounge seem warm and fashionable. The reception area will have a sense of luxury and refinement thanks to our superior PU leather upholstery.
Our Imported Solid Wood PU Leather Reception Sofa has undergone fire resistant testing by SGS, a recognized global testing and certification company, since safety is a high priority in our products.
Our sofa has high-density elastic foam with a density greater than 40kg/m3, created with comfort and durability in mind. In addition to providing great comfort and support, this premium foam keeps its form and resilience over time, guaranteeing a pleasurable sitting experience. Also, it is available in size 88*72*70.
Our sofa’s imported solid wood framework gives it an air of robustness and toughness. Because of our sofa’s superior construction, it can tolerate frequent use in busy reception rooms without losing its structural integrity or aesthetic appeal.
Benefits of Imported Solid Wood PU Leather Reception Sofa
• Elegant and Luxurious
• Safety Assurance
• Exceptional Comfort
• Durable and Sturdy
• Lasting Appeal
Our reception sofa was made with imported solid wood and premium PU leather, combining elegance and toughness for long-lasting comfort and aesthetics.
This Imported Solid Wood PU Leather Reception Sofa, which offers an ideal design, durability, and comfort balance, will elevate your welcome space. A refined seating solution that epitomizes quality and elegance will dazzle clients, guests, and staff alike.

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 88 cm


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