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latest style desk furniture high back luxury leather executive office chair

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Redefine your workspace with our high-quality leather office chair. Combining lavish comfort and timeless design, it’s an investment in both productivity and aesthetic sophistication

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Being Unique Furniture brings you the latest style of desk furniture, high-back luxury leather executive office chairs, a valid symbol of comfort, elegance, and great sophistication. We are happy to announce that the chair is meticulously designed to perfectly elevate your office space and completely redefine your work area. We would like you to know that these are made of the finest materials and come with innovative features that showcase the most luxury and top-class craftsmanship.

Why buy this executive chair from us?
• The first significant reason you must invest in this latest style desk furniture high-back luxury leather executive office chair is that it will allow you to indulge in the richness of top-quality western leather or Brazilian imported top layer yellow cowhide finish. This premium leather will not only show luxury but will also ensure excellent durability; hence, once you invest in this chair, it will serve you much longer.
• The second significant reason to invest in this executive chair is that it is made of a 40 mm density, which gives it a soft and supportive seating surface. The high-back design of the chair further contributes to enhancing comfort while offering excellent support to the entire upper body, which includes the shoulders and the neck.
• Thirdly, the 18 MM thick inner and outer core blades help to give an unmatched sturdiness and stability, providing a reliable foundation for daily usage. Also, the reclining feature allows one to find the perfect relaxation angle to focus their best on the work without compromising on comfort.

Weight 20.3 kg
Dimensions 62 cm


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