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leather preminum vitra sides polished back eames mid century lounge leisure chaise recliner chair and ottoman design within reach


Alloy base, swivel and back frame, 99.99% SAME AS original
Moulded foam in package for protect all corners;
wooden structure ,pu leather with foam cushion,Cutting foam in high density and elasticity.
Available for customization

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If you are looking for a truly iconic and timeless piece of modern furniture, then the Eames Modern Mid-Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman can be a perfect choice. We promise that the precisely crafted masterpiece will effortlessly blend elegance with functionality and is an ideal addition to any contemporary living space.

Why purchase our Eames modern mid-century lounge chair and ottoman?
• Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this chair features premium leather upholstery that radiates excellent luxury and durability. In addition, the chair’s sleek design is further enhanced using the polished sides and back, which contributes to creating a stunning visual appeal. Vitra originally manufactured the chair, ensuring an authentic mid-century modern aesthetic and exceptional quality.

• The designers have crafted the chair with great comfort in mind, so the chair comes with an ottoman with a molded foam design. This makes the chair’s most innovative feature that helps provide superior support and cushioning for offering enhanced episodes of relaxation. The chair features a stunning wooden structure with a high-density elastic foam cushion to ensure optimal comfort and unmatched durability.

• Other unique attributes of the Eames modern mid-century lounge chair and ottoman are that it comes with an alloy base, swivel, and a back frame, 99.99% identical to the original design. Customers will experience the lounge chair and ottoman, providing a seamless and authentic mid-century experience. Furthermore, the package includes a molded foam that provides added protection during any transit while safeguarding all corners to ensure the chair arrives in pristine condition.

Dimensions 86 cm


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