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Low Back Stainless Steel Curved Plywood Chair Metal Frame Dining Chair

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Infuse your cafeteria with sophistication using our Elegant Ash Wood Plywood Dining Chair. Imported to perfection, it embodies luxury and comfort. Elevate your space’s ambiance with its exquisite design and impeccable craftsmanship.

back and cushion 12mm thickness plywood with fire resistance surface
variety color coated metal frame
perfect set of chairs to coordinate an upscale feel with any dining or kitchen area.

Handcrafted by skilled 30+ years experienced craftsman
Worldwide shipping
5 years warranty
Customization free

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Here we present our dining chairs, which combine cutting-edge style with tried-and-true comfort, the Low Back Stainless-Steel Curved Plywood Metal Frame Dining Chair. This dining chair is made with great care and attention to detail and perfectly complements any table.
Why low back stainless-steel curved plywood metal frame dining chair?
? The chair stands out due to its low-back design, which looks excellent and provides enough support for your lower back. This dining chair will make each meal, whether a quick snack or a formal supper, more pleasurable and relaxing for you and your guests.
? The dining chair is solid and sturdy since it is crafted from high-quality plywood. The polished plywood table top will give your dining room a rustic yet refined feel.
? The metal frame further increases the chair’s solidity and durability, making it suitable for home and office use. Stainless steel is attractive because it adds a sense of modernity and refinement to the design.
? All other dining chairs in your home will pale compared to our low back stainless-steel curved plywood metal frame dining chair. The low backrest and curved wooden seat allow you to lean back and relax while dining.
? Add some class and convenience to your dining room with up-to-date furnishings. Share delicious meals with loved ones while relaxing in the beautiful comfort of this chair.
? This sturdy dining chair is a wise investment in both form and function. Give your guests a place to sit that is not only comfortable but also has a tasteful modern aesthetic. Make every meal special by sitting in a chair that exudes simplicity and refinement. The dining chair is a masterwork in modern living that captures the spirit of elegant dining.

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 48.5 cm


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