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middle back-office leather ergonomic desk recliner chair

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Embrace the harmony of comfort and elegance with our leather office masterpiece. Indulge in the opulence of premium materials and ergonomic design, transforming your workspace into a realm of luxury.

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Conferences in our regular workspace are generally held to discuss important things that need to be well communicated to the employees. Hence, it is essential to have a mindfully-designed conference chair that can help the work executives feel comfortable and supercharged. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind conference chair, look at the middle back-office letter ergonomic desk recliner chair we bring. This fantastic conference chair is designed to provide comfort and support, especially during long working hours. The medium back chair combines top-class materials and has ergonomic features to create the perfect seating solution for your workspace.

Special features of the conference chair that we bring:
First, the conference chair is made of a sturdy plywood frame. It is upholstered using genuine leather, which brings excellent durability and adds a unique touch of elegance. Using natural leather upholstery adds a sophisticated look while enhancing durability, and this feature helps keep the workspace cool and comfortable.
A second big reason this conference chair is worth investing in is that it gives a seamless movement experience and adds personalized comfort through its synchronous tilted mechanism and gas-lift features. The tilted mechanism allows easy reclining while maintaining the correct posture of the user, which gives relaxation and reduces tension in the body. Secondly, the gas lift feature allows effortless height adjustment to ensure each user gets to that perfect position for setting up the desk.
Another attractive attribute of the chair includes using molded, high-density foam wrapped in imported PU or genuine leather, whichever the user selects. Quality materials and the best design techniques give the chair excellent lumbar support, and the anti-resistance features ensure that the chair retains its comfort and shape for several years to come.

Weight 18.9 kg
Dimensions 58 cm


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