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Modern deep black leather sofa set

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Its elegant black color adds a touch of sophistication and can easily blend with a range of office color schemes and design concepts.

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We have premium quality stainless-steel density foam reception sofa to offer a comfortable and stylish look on your office premises. Our finest quality stainless steel enhances the look of waiting rooms and lounges in offices and provides a motivational and easy environment for clients and employees. Every step in our production of Stainless-steel density foam reception sofas is inspected carefully to ensure quality and durability.

Materials used
In our stainless-steel high-density foam reception sofa, premium and dried raw materials are used during production. Our improved technical strength includes materials such as:
? High-density foam and silk foam filled in the back and seat cushions.
? Surrounded by high-quality hemp wool.
? Soft and 100% genuine fabric and leather upholstery.
? Solid wood and 25*25 mm stainless steel frame with three polishing processes.

Our stainless-steel sofa is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It includes listed below features too:
? We have a fire-resistant stainless-steel high-density foam reception sofa, as our engineering adheres to promising quality safety furniture standards.
? The varied designs can professionally elevate your reception area.
? Modular designs, shapes, sizes and colours bring a perfect blend of aesthetic look.
? Frame constructions are also rigorously tested for the long functional life of the sofa.
? Deep tuck-pleating design and extra thick padding offer comfort with style.
? It is available in 216*87*80.

Our Stainless-steel density foam reception sofa designed to offer strength and stability to its user. So, invest in our cost-effective sofa, in available varied stylish designs as per your needs, and make it a key highlight of your reception area.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 216 cm


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