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Modern Style Design Solid Cassava Chip Chair CH30 chair by Hans J. Wegner

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Immerse your cafeteria in luxury with our handcrafted Luxury Ash Wood Dining Chair. The rich wood tones and meticulous detailing create an inviting atmosphere. Make a lasting impression on your visitors while ensuring their utmost comfort.

oringinal america ash wood dining cafeteria chair
Polyfoam tight seat and back
with grey fabric upholstered back and cushion
perfect set of chairs to coordinate an upscale feel with any dining or kitchen area.
Handcrafted by skilled 30+ years experienced craftsman
Worldwide shipping
5 years warranty
Customization free

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The CH30 chair, designed by the iconic Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner, is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the chair features a timeless and elegant design, characterized by its clean lines and organic shapes.
It will transport you to modern elegance and delectable cuisine. This dining chair combines design and comfort, enhancing your dining experience with a touch of sophistication. Embrace the one-of-a-kind appeal of the substantial cassava chip chair with its back made of bamboo wood. The intricate wood grain patterns infuse your dining area with a sense of natural beauty, reflecting the allure of nature each time you take a seat.
? The black sea leather upholstery perfectly complements the modern, sleek design, exuding luxury and refinement. Sink into the luxuriant comfort of the high-density foam cushion, which will warmly embrace you as you savor delicious meals and captivating conversations.
? This dining chair is crafted from the finest American ashwood and exemplifies quality and durability. Because of its durability and resilience, you can rest assured that this chair will be a treasured part of your dining area for many years.
? The upholstered dining chair is aesthetically pleasing and a sensory delight. The supple leather upholstery, meticulously crafted with high-elasticity foam, ensures a seating experience, providing comfort and indulgence that complements your dining excursions.
? The allure of a solid wood potato chip bamboo back and the luxury of black sea leather upholstery will elevate your dining area. This exceptional dining chair captures the essence of contemporary style and culinary delights. A work of art that embodies the spirit of fine dining and takes your culinary journey to new heights of style and elegance.

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 50 cm


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