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Mustard coloured ruffled single-seater cushioned tactile sofa in fabric

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Elevate your office environment with our customizable sofa set, where sophisticated design meets exceptional comfort. Crafted from premium materials, it exemplifies your dedication to excellence.

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Our mustard coloured ruffled single-seater cushioned sofa is a single-seater sofa that is available in the size of 1200*940*620mm. This sofa features appealing mustard colour and a ruffled design that ensures excellent comfort and distinct appeal to the user. It is a high-end modern and fashionable addition to your room. Your hands and arms can rest comfortably and ergonomically on its distinct armrests.
With superior-grade foam seating cushions that provide exceptional support and durability, this sofa set is built for maximum comfort. Our sofa is a worthwhile investment because of the qualities described below.
• The foam quickly returns to its original shape after use, guaranteeing that the cushions will continue to feel velvety and welcoming for many years.
• Its overall appeal is enhanced by the appealing curved design.
• To assure safety, it has passed all the quality testing and is extremely durable.

Other Details
High-quality materials are used in the production of our contemporary mustard coloured ruffled single-seater cushioned sofa to guarantee longevity and luxury. Here are some pertinent details:
• To provide a strong and solid structure, the frame is made of metal or hardwood, and the interior system is firmly welded.
• Back and seat cushions made of high-resilience foam.
• The entire sofa is stable and has a solid base.
• Upholstered in opulent leather or high-end fabric.
Overall, our sofa creates a balance between design, comfort, and robustness, making it a masterpiece for your room. Therefore, make an investment in your special choice of modernized sofa design today.

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 120 cm


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