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Nordic Retro Style Dining Chair Coffee Chair Solid Wood Rattan Backrest Leisure Chair

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Discover the epitome of elegance in our Luxury Ash Wood Dining Chair, designed to transform your cafeteria. Its alluring ash wood finish exudes sophistication, while the ergonomic design ensures utmost comfort. Elevate your dining area with this statement piece.

oringinal america nature ash wood frame combine with rattan
Polyfoam tight seat with light grey fabric cushion

perfect set of chairs to coordinate an upscale feel with any dining or kitchen area.
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Our Nordic Retro Style Rattan Back Leisure Chair combines comfort, elegance, and craftsmanship. This elegant dining chair blends modern and old components well, perfecting your dining room, coffee area, or any other sleek place. The Nordic Retro Style Rattan Back Leisure Chair adds style and comfort to your home. Whether you’re enjoying a meal, coffee, or vibrant conversation, this chair will make every occasion memorable. This attractive leisure chair will become a cherished center point in your home or company, combining the charm of ancient times with modern comfort.

What makes the rattan back leisure chair worth investing in?
The firm ash wood frame of the Rattan Back Leisure Chair ensures durability and stability. The chair’s visual appeal is enhanced by the ash wood’s natural texture, which is warm and inviting.
Its elaborate rattan backrest gives this chair a vintage feel. Rattan weaving adds an aesthetic touch and provides excellent back support, making it great for long coffee discussions and unhurried periods.
Rattan Back Leisure Chairs are comfortable and elegant due to their rich fabric upholstery. The soft fabric complements the wood and rattan, creating a balanced material combination that exudes subtle luxury.
From contemporary minimalism to eclectic bohemian, this chair’s Nordic vintage design fits many interior design styles. It’s famous for residential and business places like caf?s, restaurants, and offices due to its versatility.
The Rattan Back Leisure Chair is an eco-friendly, durable alternative for conscious shoppers. We combine ash wood, rattan, and fabric to build beautiful and environmentally friendly furniture.

Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 55 cm


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