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office furniture swivel design within reach lounge chair


fully fabric Upholstery
ergonomic design
Taut Seat and Back
fiberglass structure
swivel coated mteal base
Preminum pu leather ,optional genuine leather and fabric;(Fire resistance SGS tested)
High density elastic foam>40kg/m3,20+years without deformation.
Available for customization

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Every office space must be mindfully designed to ensure that employees’ productivity stays high. If you also want your employees to stay motivated and relaxed, then there can be no better way to achieve the same than investing in the super stunning leisure lounge arm sofa chair office pods we bring. The furniture piece is greatly appreciated for getting the desired comfort and style. Furthermore, it is designed with precise attention to detail, making the swivel lounge chair offer a highly relaxing yet luxurious seating experience.
Unique characteristics of the leisure lounge arm sofa chair office pods:
• The leisure lounge arm sofa chair office pods come wrapped in thorough fabric upholstery, and this lounge chair exudes the utmost elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, the ergonomic design also promotes optimal support for the human body, making it an ideal spot to unwind or even engage in work sessions.
• Using a taut seat and back also add to the chair’s sleek appearance while providing extra support for encouraging correct posture. In addition, the leisure lounge arm sofa chair office pods come in a fiberglass structure that guarantees excellent durability and stability and hence will long-last in your office for several years to follow.
• You cannot resist the swivel-coated metal base that adds to the convenience and comfort of the leisure lounge arm sofa chair office pods. Effortless rotation and easy access to the surroundings positively impact one’s productivity at work.
• You can enjoy the customization facility and choose your preferred material from premium PU leather, fabric, or genuine leather, and rest assured that each material we offer has undergone fire resistance testing by SGS.

Dimensions 780 cm


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