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Round cushioned bean-bag style sofa in fabric

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Elevate your business setting with our customizable sofa set, a harmony of elegance and comfort. Crafted from the finest materials, it showcases your commitment to providing nothing but the best.

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Our round cushioned bean-bag style sofa is extremely comfortable and stylish, which offers an exceptional seating solution made to enhance your lobby or office lounge. This luxurious round cushioned bean-bag style sofa offers a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for visitors and clients with its exquisite fusion of strength, comfort, and design. The high-quality fabric of this sofa adds a touch of refinement and luxury to the space. All users can sit comfortably and safely on our couch set because it meets all the safety standards.
The materials used in our couch offers strong support and stability while also adding a touch of modern elegance and style. The imported wood and high-quality fabric used to construct the sofa set’s frame ensure its structural soundness and lasting endurance. It is available in 950*900*650.
Benefits of our sofa
Professional appearance
Simplicity of upkeep
Space optimisation
Adaptive Design
Persistent Elegance
The cushions of the sofa are made of high-density foam to give the body the most support possible, preserve proper posture, and reduce the likelihood of discomfort or fatigue even after several hours of sitting. You can modernise the living room area with our long-lasting, high-density, comfortable sofa. It guarantees that everyone will have a satisfying and expert experience.
So, invest in our stylish round-shape and bean style fully sofa that offers comfort and style side by side.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 95 cm


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