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Tuxedo-style scratch-resistant living room sofa set

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Wrapped in premium leather upholstery, this sofa exudes contemporary elegance and timeless style. The leather not only adds sophistication to your living space but also ensures long-lasting beauty.

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Our Tuxedo-Style Scratch-Resistant Living Room Sofa Set is an elegant and multifunctional seating option made to enhance your living room or business space.
Our sofa set’s 45KGS high-density and elasticity foam construction provides you and your visitors with the best possible comfort and support. A long-lasting and sturdy addition to your living room or commercial space, the thick and resilient foam gives a luxurious seating experience while maintaining its shape even with frequent use.
Our sofa set’s sturdy, black-coated solid metal frame gives it a hint of contemporary beauty while providing excellent stability and durability. It is available in 220*80*71.
The upholstery has been given a scratch- and water-repellent treatment to protect our sofa set against deterioration. As a result, even after regular use in busy settings, our sofa set is guaranteed to stay beautiful. Our sofa’s scratch-resistant feature aids in maintaining its appearance, while the water-repellent treatment adds convenience and makes cleaning it easier.
Benefits of Tuxedo-Style Scratch-Resistant Living Room Sofa Set

? Classic Tuxedo-Style Design
? Sturdy Metal Frame
? Water-Repellent Upholstery
? Scratch-Resistant Upholstery
? High-Density & Elasticity Foam
Our Tuxedo-Style Scratch-Resistant Living Room Sofa Set lets you arrange comfortable seats in a fashionable way. Its seamless blend of elegance, comfort, and functionality is an excellent choice for both home and business areas.
With this magnificent and adaptable sofa set, you can elevate your living space or improve the atmosphere at your office. It is made to impress and will provide you with years of lasting comfort.

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 220 cm


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