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Upholstered fabric mid century office lounge leisure sofa chair ottoman


solid wood and plywood frame
High density elastic foam>40kg/m3,20+years without deformation.
fire resistance fabric optional leather,Fire resistance SGS tested in variety colors and types
Available for customization.

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Now is your time to decorate your home with the finest leisure lounge armchair seats. We promise that the leisure lounge armchair seats we bring on are made of top-quality optical leather fabric, which will give you ultimate comfort and relaxation for those long sitting hours. Another interesting feature of these chairs is that they are available in various colors and styles. Other highlighting attributes of the leisure lounge chairs that we bring are that these are made of high-density elastic foam and hence will last up to 20+ years without any deformation issues.

The leisure lounge armchair seat that we bring is a must-have purchase because of its unbelievable quality that we bring. These chairs are made of solid wood and sturdy plywood frame and are tested for fire resistance. Hence if you are looking for a study yet gorgeous leisure lounge chair for your home or office area, there can be no petrol to native than this. So, wait no longer and contact experts to make this incredible purchase to make the perfect addition to your home.

Allow yourself to relax in the leisure lounge chair that we bring, as it is a perfect way to unwind your day as it contains comfortable cushions and a highly supportive frame. Once you sink into the chair, you will forget all your stress issues. Moreover, the chair is highly adjustable and can give you that perfect pose for watching TV or reading. Being made of top-quality materials, the chair gives ultimate comfort and durability. The cushions are made of soft and plush fabric to keep you cozy on those cold days and cool on the hot ones. Moreover, the solid wood frame ensures an incredibly long life for these lounge chairs.

Dimensions 70 cm


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